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Notice to Complete Loans

A notice to complete is a legal document issued by the selling party (vendor) to the buyer (purchaser).

A Notice to Complete is issued by the seller (Vendor) to the buyer(purchaser), when the buyer fails to complete the transaction on the contractual settlement date.

The notice requires the receiver to complete the contract within a reasonable time-frame following the issue of the contract. Typically, the buyer has 10 working days in which to complete, after which the vendor party may sue for breach of contract.

Common reasons why a buyer is issued with a Notice to Complete:

  • The proposed financial institution experiences a delay in processing times
  • The proposed financial institution asks a multitude of questions usually at different times in the process. This can feel like a never-ending process and adds unnecessary uncertainty and stress to the buyer
  • The party organising finance for the buyer wastes time. Usually due to lack of experience.

If the receiver is unable to complete the contract within the set timeframe, there may be serious consequences. Typically, this can include:

  • Buyer forfeit their deposit.
  • The seller having the option to sue the buyer for any difference in sale price

NWC Finance often sees Notice to Complete transactions and understands the importance in settling on time. NWC Finance prides ourselves on speed and efficiency to achieve the best results for the clients in the most streamlined and simplified process possible.

Why use NWC Finance when a Notice to complete has been issued:

  • We provide a quick and detailed list of required information upfront. The clients know exactly what the process is and at what points in the process each set of parameters is due
  • Our directors and senior team have authority to sign off and approve transactions, providing fast approval response times for each transaction.
  • We have the capacity to settle within 24 hours, with our largest 24-hour settlement being $25M
  • We have almost 2 decades of experience in handling complex situations for clients, taking the stress out of the situation for the clients.

NWC Finance can take care of you or your client’s notice to complete in as little as 24 hours with an absolute guarantee of funds at settlement.



$6.5m Notice to Complete

Product Guide

1st Mortgages

  • > Loans from $50k to $50m
  • > Up to 70% LVR Maximum
  • > Interest from 1% per Month

2nd Mortgages

  • > Loans from $50k to $50m
  • > Up to 70% LVR Maximum
  • > Interest from 1% per Month

Cash Advance

  • > Loans from $50k to $50m
  • > Up to 60% LVR on wholesale value
  • > Interest from 1% per Month

Plant & Equipment

  • > Loans from $50k to $50m
  • > Up to 70% LVR Maximum
  • > Interest from 1% per Month

Minimum Term of 30 days – Maximum Term of 6 Months with roll-over – Interest can be capitalised within LVR guidelines – All Australian locations considered for 1st and 2nd mortgages and Plant and Equipment security

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